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ROCK 5B Metal Case

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Metal Case for the ROCK5 Model B.

The first iteration of this case is available with green end panels.


  • Optional screws to secure ROCK 5B to top of metal case are not included - M3-0.5 6mm or 8mm screws are compatible with the case
  • Thermal pad/paste to transfer heat from RK3588 to metal case is not included - Consider this thermal paste as an inexpensive solution
  • Be gentle when tightening the screws on the bottom of the case as they thread directly into the plastic end pieces which can strip pretty easily

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nice case, description wrong, incompatible with accessories

The build quality of the metal is good, seems sturdy enough but the screws do indeed go into the plastic end pieces so I wouldn't make a habit of disassembly & reassembly.

- Description says there are no screws for mounting the board, they were included. Awesome.
- Description says there is no thermal paste included so buy it, it was included.
- Partially my fault for not thinking it through, but the recommended cooling fan and heatsink for the ROCK5B will not work with this case. I'm not sure what case will work with it but it was a waste to buy it.
- You have to remove the plastic end plates to get the board in there. I doubt they will hold up over time.

Really nice case

You don't need to screw the board to the standoffs on the base-when you get the front and back panels in place they hold the board snugly in place. And if you need to re-flash the emmc module or M.2 NVMe ssd (which ever you use) you can just remove the base for easy access. One word of caution if you use the A8 wireless module-the antenna wires are so short it's super easy to pull or break the connectors off of them. I had to get a new set of stick-on antennas and the wires were 18" long-way more than I needed. I guess the old saying "better safe than sorry" was quite true here. I used a .5 mm thermal pad on top of the heat spreader of the RK3588 soc.

Good, but two things need to be taken care of

First of all I am satisfied with the case if you take care of two things.
1. Be really careful what screws you use! The screw heads must be small or they will short out or even smash some components. Especially at the hole near the ethernet port.
2. You'll need a 20x20x0.5 copper shim to have contact between the CPU and the heatsink block. Be sure to use non conductive thermal paste, there are some SMD components right beside the CPU.

Btw.: Thanks for the candy stick :-)


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