ROCKPro64 Metal Desktop/NAS Case


Looking for a durable multi-purpose housing for your ROCKPro64 by Pine64? This case can accommodate either (2) 2.5″ SATA drives, (2) 3.5″ SATA drives or a mix of the above; for either a desktop solution, or a network attached server.

Dimensions: 232.4mm (Width) x 105.0mm (Height) x 145.2mm (Depth)


  • Includes special design power supply cable and 2 sets of SATA data cables
  • ROCKPro64 SBC, Heatsink, 80mm Fan, and PCIe SATA adapter not included
  • Please use +12V 5A power supply due to HDDs power consumption

Warranty is valid for two weeks, starting upon date of receipt.

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