Shelly USB-Powered Ultraviolet-C (UVC) Disinfecting LED

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High Efficiency

UV-C LED light can effectively wipe out up to 95% of bacteria and microbes in closed spaces or product surfaces and therefore act as a preventative measure from infections. The UV-C LED strip is a reliable and efficient disinfection solution producing results. The strips can kill all germs in a 2-meter radius using 270 nm UVC radiation.

Power supply AC No
Power supply DC 5V
Power consumption 0.5A
Special functions
UVC Radiant power 36mW
Wave length 262 - 280 nm, Peak 270 nm
Operational temperature -10ºC to +40ºC
Lifetime 9000h
Size 110mm x 25mm x 7mm


Standard warranty (included in purchase price): 24-month manufacturer warranty due to device malfunctions when it is used in user manual described conditions.


  • Not for use to grow plants - Plants respond best to UV-A wavelengths and also respond to UV-B. UV-C can damage plants.
  • UV-C is ideal for killing micro-organisms including common pathogens.
  • Not for use for reptile habitats or for other living creatures.
  • UV-C is entirely filtered out by Earth's atmosphere - 0% of UV-C light hitting the Earth's atmosphere reaches the surface.
  • UV-C light is not only fatal to microbes and bacteria, but is also hazardous to humans so exposure should be minimized.

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