SOPINE Baseboard Model A

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The SOPINE baseboard complements the SOPINE A64 Compute Module and turns it into a fully functional single board computer. Makers can use this baseboard as reference to develop their own motherboards and for software development during early stages of product development.

Links to compliance documentation available at the bottom of this listing.


  • Accepts SOPINE Compute Module with SODIMM Form Factor


Warranty is valid for thirty days, starting upon date of receipt.

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    No problems except the power jack

    This board allows you to develop on a SOPINE COM module, giving you a form factor essentially the same as a Pine A64, save this one has a (somewhat unusually sized) coaxial jack for the power input. All other ports appear to be in the same place.

    The Armbian build for this board works well enough, and came up with no issues. The old problem of needing HDMI plugged in for some of the A64 units seems to have been solved, as this board booted without issue using a 16GB house-brand uSD card from a local computer sales chain. I installed streamripper and NFS tools to do a simple "let it do something for a few days" burn-in test, and so far, so good.

    The only real issue I've had is the power jack is somewhat fragile. While hooking the board up, it got knocked out of my hand and managed to break the mount for the power jack. While it still worked, the jack is now loose and movement causes the board to lose power. As this looks to be just a Pine64, I'm going to see if the Euler Bus allows power input.

    To be very honest, I wish the manufacturers would provide a screw-terminal input for power instead of odd coaxial jacks or microUSB jacks. That way, you're never going to be short a power connector, because your connector becomes wire ends.

    Great idea! Having screw terminal jacks for power in addition to a simpler plug-and-play power jack would provide a lot more flexibility in providing power.