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Stereo Boom Bonnet (Amp + Speakers)


Add amplified stereo sound to your single-board computer project!


  • Ready to assemble - no soldering required!
  • Android and Ubuntu compatible (newer releases)
  • Driven by I2S pins
  • 2x 2-watt 4-Ohm speakers included
  • Built-in potentiometer for volume control
  • Built-in stereo earphone jack


  • Stereo Boom Bonnet board
  • 2x 2-watt 4-Ohm Stereo Speakers (28mm diameter, 11.5mm thick)
  • 3x 5mm spacers
  • 3x 5mm screws
  • Connector cable for selected board


  • Not a HiFi solution like a DAC or ODROID-HiFi board. Some electrical hiss and other minor noise may be perceptible.


Warranty is valid for two weeks, starting upon date of receipt.

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