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U3 IO Shield

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The U3 IO Shield is designed to be mounted to the U3 via spacers and connected via the 8 pin GPIO connector on the U3.  It is meant as a development board to allow the U3 to interact with its surroundings.


  • 36 pins for GPIO/PWM/ADC
  • Same footprint as the U3
  • Versatile, general-purpose data acquisition and control module
  • Direct connection to U3 via 8-pin GPIO connector
  • Relatively large prototyping area
  • GPIO/ADC/PWM and power pins on 0.1" strips
  • Two 3-pin headers for small servo applications
  • Access the HW SPI of Exynos-4412 CPU (compatible with U3 PCB revision 0.5)
  • SPI Flash memory SST25WF020A
  • Additional 10-pin connector for I2C/GPIO expansion


  • U3 IO shield board (U3 not included)
  • 4x 20mm PCB spacer (plastic)
  • 4x 11mm PCB spacer (metal) - Must be used between the U3 and IO Shield for proper grounding
  • 4x 10mm PCB spacer (plastic)


Warranty is valid for two weeks, starting upon date of receipt.

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