XU4Q Retro Gaming System

Out of Stock, can be pre-ordered

This item is built to order, and therefore subject to the availability of the XU4Q and the OGST Gaming Console Case. If either are out of stock, there will be a delay for this as well.

Ready to play? The XU4Q Retro Gaming System is here to transform your living room or office into a full-on retro arcade! Harnessing the power of the passively-cooled ODROID-XU4Q, this system will provide the best gameplay of any SBC based retro-gaming platform available. The Gaming System comes fully assembled with an XU4Q, ODROID OGST Gaming Console Case, modern analog joystick controller, power supply, and a blank 16GB microSD boot media that can be flashed with a retro gaming emulator. Game On!


  • ODROID-XU4Q Single Board Computer with Quad Core 2GHz A15, 2GB RAM, USB 3.0, and Gigabit Ethernet
  • 5V/6A Power Supply with US Plug
  • Gaming Console Case for ODROID-XU4
  • GameSir G3w USB Controller Joystick
  • 16GB SanDisk Ultra microSDHC Card

Additional Note: NO GAMES ARE INCLUDED (No game ROMs pre-installed), but the system is ready to accept them.



Warranty is valid for thirty days, starting upon date of receipt.

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