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DietPi v8.24 now available!

DietPi v8.24 now available!

DietPi v8.24 has been released

DietPi - the lightweight Debian based Linux distribution.

Major changes:

  • Resolved an issue where the log file /var/log/nzbget.log was not created and used as intended, since the service does not have permissions to create it.
  • Resolved an issue where, with Lighttpd webserver, a warning about missing ocm-provider rewrite was shown in some cases. Many thanks to @rubinski for reporting this issue:
  • Worked around an issue on Bookworm systems, where the upgrade of the rpi-eeprom package pulled an incompatible raspi-firmware package, causing a failure of any APT upgrade.
  • Resolved a v8.22 regression where the error handler and bug report template contained only the first line of the failed command’s output.

See for all changes and fixes. 

How to update? Just run dietpi-update.

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