How To: Create a smart garage door opener in 5 minutes (for beginners or pros)

How To: Create a smart garage door opener in 5 minutes (for beginners or pros)

I've been annoyed for a while that I never have the garage door opener with me when I need it. It's time to fix that with technology!

The benefits of making this yourself are:
  1. You will have FULL control over your garage door opener. You can control it from the cloud, or you can retain 100% of the control and not allow any outside company to have access to your garage door opener or the data generated by it.
  2. You can customize the operation of your garage door opener in any way you please.
  3. You won't be left with a non-working garage door opener like your neighbor will when the company that made their "Smart" opener decides to no longer support it or goes bankrupt.
  4. You can make this opener way more secure than a "prepackaged" opener from another company. You can control it through your VPN, through your local network only, or any other way you see fit.
  5. It's super easy and inexpensive.
  6. ameriDroid has quality parts at low prices.
  7. Your awesomeness level will increase.
Products used in this video:

If you don't have a simple garage door opener like the one shown in this video, and rather have one of the more complex garage door openers, here's a great write-up of how to do the same thing in that situation:

Additional resources:

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Smart Garage Door - June 23, 2021

Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us, it is really helpful article!. I really appreciate this post. I have been looking everywhere for this!

Izone_Digital - March 30, 2021

AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for sharing about smart home technology! It’s a Genius!!! it makes life more comfortable by giving you smart control over the things you use every day.

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