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How-To: Getting Started with the Khadas VIM3

How-To: Getting Started with the Khadas VIM3

By Duncan Cline, ameriDroid Technician:

The VIM3 SBC is the latest addition to the popular Khadas VIM series. It has a powerful Amlogic A311D SoC, x4 Cortex A73 performance-cores (2.2Ghz), and x2 Cortex A53 efficiency-cores (1.8Ghz) are merged into a hexa-core configuration, and fabricated with a 12nm process to maximize performance, thermal and electrical efficiency.

VIM3 is designed with the same form-factor as the popular VIM2 and VIM1. It is the size of a credit-card, and fits perfectly inside our DIY Case. Although diminutive, VIM3 is competitively-priced and fully-featured; everything you need is already built-in.

The new VIM3 SBC goes beyond what the original VIM models have to offer. It has an onboard 5.0 TOPS NPU for neural network applications, an M.2 slot for NVMe SSDs that can switch between PCIe and USB 2.0 via Khadas KBI commands, and a USB-C port with 5-20 volt USB power-delivery input. MIPI-DSI and TP connectors also allow you to add multi-touch screens.

Choose between the Basic (2GB RAM and 16GB eMMC) and the Pro (4GB RAM, 32GB eMMC).

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