How-To: Verium Cryptocurrency Mining with ODROID Clusters

How-To: Verium Cryptocurrency Mining with ODROID Clusters


Odroid XU4’s are popular. SBC systems in general are designed to be very power efficient, because of this they are pretty good at Verium mining. The downside is you need a lot of them to amass a sizeable amount of hashes. The up-front cost of SBC’s can be very high, but their power usage is very low. Remember to take into account all the required extras to make SBC’s function. (SD cards, power cables/supplies, network cables, switches, cooling, mounting mechanism, etc…) For SBCs the mining software usually needs to be compiled for 1way using 128 MB per thread. Many devices have been tested in terms of their hashrate and it can fairly be stated that the Odroid platform with its Octa core CPUs (Exynos5422 big.LITTLE) and 2 GB LPDDR3 RAM outperforms any other device. By now Odroid has even released a special version of the original XU4 which is called Odroid HC1 [and others, see below] and is designed for clustering. It should be noted that despite their relative low total hashrate the ration hashrate per energy is still good. Also, there is software out in the community that helps on the maintenance of large clusters. [...]

The ODROID Verium Mining Image (by joe_rondx) includes an optimized OS with preinstalled miner and several other handy features. It is made for the XU4 line, that is Odroid XU4, XU4Q, HC1, HC2, MC1.

Performance features:

  • hugepages are enabled (thanks to birty & fireworm)
  • Maximal RAM clocking: 933 MHz
  • CPU downclocking of big cores: 1.9 GHz (read here why 2 GHz is not worth it)
  • Optimal two miners configuration for big.LITTLE cores.

Read the complete guide here.

Buy your ODROID cluster:

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