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Introducing Zigbee Home: Open-Source Firmware for Zigbee Devices

Introducing Zigbee Home: Open-Source Firmware for Zigbee Devices

Discover Zigbee Home, a promising open-source firmware project designed for Zigbee devices based on Nordic Semi nRF52 wireless microcontrollers. Similar to the well-known ESPHome firmware, Zigbee Home leverages Nordic Semi ZBOSS for Zigbee 3.0 stack, empowering users to flash Zigbee devices with open-source firmware.

Zigbee Home open source firmware nRF52

The project, currently centered around the official nRF52840 Dongle, aims to enable seamless integration with Home Assistant through ZHA integration. While still in the early stages, Zigbee Home holds great potential for the open-source community. It provides a 'base' firmware in C and a CLI application in Go language, simplifying the process of building and uploading firmware.

The command to flash the firmware to a board looks like this:

go run ./cli/cmd/zigbee firmware --workdir <path_to_project> flash

Also, check out the Zigbee Home source code and basic instructions on Github. Please note that the project is a work in progress, and additional features, including support for Zigbee2MQTT, are in development.

For a deeper dive into the project and its configuration, refer to the original blog Here.


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