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New version of armbian: Armbian 22.05

New version of armbian: Armbian 22.05

Armbian is a Linux distribution designed for ARM development boards. It is usually based on one of the stable or development versions of Debian or Ubuntu and it supports a wide variety of popular ARM-based devices, including Banana Pi, ODROID, Pine64 and others.


  • Thousands of hours have been invested to stabilize supported board images
  • Hundreds of Linux kernel and user space related bug fixes completed by the Armbian team
  • Added support for new boards
  • Established new Maintainers 

What’s New:

Our first priority is to support and enhance the Community. To that goal, Armbian releases updates and bug fixes from our Contributors on a regular basis.  We are excited to add support for the following new boards:

And to announce new Maintainers and movement to supported status the following boards:

Download here:

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