News: ODROID-C4 back in stock, ameriDog lends assistance

News: ODROID-C4 back in stock, ameriDog lends assistance

As reported by ameriDroid shipping staff, Ukiah, CA:

This morning at about 10:49, ameriDog -- head of the employee happiness division -- was supervising one employee who was assembling boxes in preparation to ship out the back-ordered ODROID-C4 boards.


“The stacks of boxes just kept getting taller and taller” reported one employee. At one point they grew to nearly 3 feet tall and eventually came crashing down about 10 feet from ameriDog, startling him and causing him to release a small toot.


File photo: ameriDog recovering
under one of the shipping desks
The employee responsible for the scare causing his uncontrolled passing of gas apologized and gave him lots of head scratches until he felt better. He is embarrassed about the situation and does not want to comment at this time. We offered a few days off to ameriDog so he could recover, but he refused saying “Yip”.


He takes his job very seriously and doesn’t want to risk any employee unhappiness in his absence. New employee protocols have been put in place ensuring something like this never happens again.


ameriDog likes it when our shipping department is humming with activity, so make sure to place your order for ODROID-C4 boards or other ameriDroid items for quick shipment!

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