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News: Pinebook Pro to Get ANSI Keyboard Option

News: Pinebook Pro to Get ANSI Keyboard Option

From the Pine64 Blog, by Lukasz Erecinski

Future ANSI Keyboard Option

Right, ok, we get it – many of you want an ANSI keyboard layout as an option. Understood. We will eventually offer a EU/US keyboard layout option at store check-out.

This may take some time as we need to find a suitable keyboard first, put it though its paces to make sure that its good quality, and also make sure that no extensive retooling needs to be done on the Pinebook Pro case. This means that you can expect the first end-user batch (or two) to ship with the pictured ISO keyboard only, as its unlikely we will find a candidate ANSI keyboard, test it and implement in into the production schedule on-the-fly. I trust everyone understands that these things need to be properly tested and evaluated before going into production.

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