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News: What Happened to the ODROID-C3?

News: What Happened to the ODROID-C3?

With the release of the shiny and new ODROID-C4, some may wonder why this new board wasn't named the ODROID-C3.

According to the manufacturer:

We’ve internally developed the ODROID-C3 based on the S905X2 CPU which has ARM Cortex-A53 cores almost two years ago.

But the performance was not enough and we had heard about the new coming S905X3 with modern ARM Cortex-A55 cores. Therefore, we decided to skip the ODROID-C3.

It's nice to know that instead of releasing an SBC that was only a marginal improvement, Hardkernel decided to wait and release a true step-up in performance, the ODROID-C4!

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