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Review: ODROID-H2 as a Desktop Replacement for Remote Work

Review: ODROID-H2 as a Desktop Replacement for Remote Work

This review was posted by one of our customers:

Great board


I'm using this to run my home office during this period of coronovirus quarantine. Fedora+gnome with two 1080p monitors connected. Works flawlessly as a desktop system. I'm typically running Insomnia, emacs, firefox with an average of 10 tabs open, Datagrip (heavy Java-based IDE), syncthing, and compiling Rust programs. No issues so far. Due to the power use, I leave this on permanently. The only time it's ever crashed was due to a segfault in gdm (not the board's fault). I waited several months for the H2 to enter its second batch of production, and I'm glad I did. I'm very happy with this board, especially considering the low power consumption. Config: 2x8GB ram and a 128GB nvme

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I really like the Odroid H2's... On backorder atm - but I have 3 currently tricked out with 16G RAM and 2x200G SATA SSD. Total cost was less then $250/unit.

We are expecting the next batch of ODROID-H2 units around the end of May 2020.

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