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High Performance eMMC Module

Out of Stock, can be pre-ordered

Out of stock

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Don't Forget Your eMMC Reader!

This eMMC DOES NOT come preinstalled with an OS. If you wish to back up this eMMC to your computer or write a OS image to it, you'll need a way to hook it up to another computer with one of the two following solutions:

Blank eMMC 5.1 Module compatible with most single board computers with a compatible eMMC socket (tested with Pine64 & ODROID models). Not recommended for ODROID-H Series and C4.


  • High quality storage from San-Disk
  • JEDEC/MMCA Version 5.1: HS400 interface with 8bit DDR mode
  • This eMMC is sold exclusively by ameriDroid and is not an official ODROID or Pine64 product. Hardkernel recommends the eMMC with the orange PCB for use with ODROID boards, and we offer those eMMCs elsewhere on this site.
  • These eMMC modules ship blank and they must be initialized with the desired SBC image.
  • Top-quality eMMC storage chips from San-Disk are installed on these eMMC modules for best performance.
  • If issues are encountered using this eMMC module, please contact ameriDroid for support, and not the manufacturer of the single-board computer (Customer Support link is located in the footer of this page).
  • Due to component placement, use with an ODROID-H2 is not recommended unless insulating tape is placed on the bottom side of the eMMC module to prevent mechanical contact with capacitors on the H2 mainboard.
  • Due to component placement, use with an ODROID-C4 is not recommended as the eMMC module cannot engage ideally.

Warranty is valid for two weeks, starting upon date of receipt.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rob G
Worked perfectly

lsdsk showed they had 4 partitions upon arrival, didn't bother mounting to see what was in them. Used the 3 second jumper pull method to boot with them installed and just dd'd an image to them directly from an sdcard. Super easy to get these going on a Rock64 without the usb adapter.

Works with Pine H64

unlike other EMMC I've tried with pineh64.. I flashed armbian to the eMMC card for my pineh64 and its been working without problems

Just as Good

I bought 3 of these in 64GB and have used them on both Android and Ubuntu 18.04 on a C2 and XU4. I can't comment on how long they will last. That said, I have never had any eMMC module of any type fail. I have had a few MicroSD cards fail over the years. I try not to buy any SBC that does not use removable eMMC modules. There are two main reasons to use eMMC as storage. One of course is read and write speeds are faster. The other is longevity as storage media for an operating system. eMMC storage is designed specifically for this type of use. MicroSD cards are not.

Excellent Choice

Very fast and have had no problems with them. A good choice at a good price.

Thank you Ron for that great review. We are glad we were able to meet your expectations.

Super fast and works with every OS I've thrown at it on Pine64 and ODROID boards

I've been using these white emmcs for a while now and have used a number of OS images in always-on situations where the module is constantly being written to and read from. So far, I haven't had a single failure, and the speeds are at least as fast as any other emmc module from other manufacturers (and I've tried them all). They were worth the cost at the original price, but at the new much lower sale prices, they are a steal. Don't even bother with microsd cards if you have the option to use an emmc instead unless reliability and slower speeds aren't an issue for you.


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