High Performance eMMC Module

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Blank eMMC 5.1 Module compatible with most single board computers with a compatible eMMC socket (tested with Pine64 & ODROID models).

  • High quality storage from SanDisk
  • JEDEC/MMCA Version 5.1: HS400 interface with 8bit DDR mode


  • This eMMC is sold exclusively by ameriDroid and is not an official ODROID or Pine64 product. However, top-quality eMMC storage chips from SanDisk are installed on these eMMC modules for best performance.
  • If issues are encountered using this eMMC module, please contact ameriDroid for support, and not the manufacturer of the single-board computer (Customer Support link is located in the footer of this page).
  • Due to capacitor placement, use with an ODROID-H2 is not recommended unless insulating tape is placed on the bottom side of the eMMC module to prevent mechanical contact with capacitors on the H2 mainboard.


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