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Our Linux Starter Kit for M1 has what
you need to get started in one kit
along with a printed guide!

See ODROID-M1 detailed info in the ameriBlog

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  • Ideal choice for industrial applications due to guaranteed 15-year availability of key component
  • Wide range of connectivity options
  • M.2 NVMe for SSDs and PCIe applications
  • Dual display capability
  • CSI camera support
  • USB3 ports are on their own individual controllers (not shared)
  • Built-in SATA support
  • 3 different audio-out options for a variety of applications



  • 3.5" SATA drives cannot draw power from the M1 directly due to technical considerations. In order to power a 3.5" SATA drive, please use an additional power supply like this one: 12V/2A SATA Power Supply
  • The Official Metal Case does not have enough clearance to be used at the same time as the M1 SATA Mount and Cable Kit


ETA Prime First look

Dual display demo on Android 11



Form Factor Board Dimensions: 90mm x 122mm x 16mm
Heatsink Dimensions: 100mm x 123mm x 19mm
Weight: 253 g including heatsink
Processor Rockchip RK3568 Processor
L1 instruction cache: 32 KB, 4-way set associative (128 sets), 64 byte lines, shared by 1 processor
L1 data cache: 32 KB, 4-way set associative (128 sets), 64 byte lines, shared by 1 processor
L3 data cache: 512KB , 16-way set associative (512 sets), 64 byte lines, shared by 4 processorsQuad-Core Cortex-A55 (1.992GHz)
ARMv8-A architecture with Neon and Crypto extensions
Mali-G52 MP2 GPU with 4 x Execution Engines (650Mhz)
NPU 0.8Tops@INT8, integrated high-performance AI accelerator RKNN NPU
Supports one-click switching of Caffe/TensorFlow/TFLite/ONNX/PyTorch/Keras/Darknet
Memory 4 or 8GiB LPDDR4 with 32-bit bus width
Data rate: 3120 MT/s, up to 1,560MHz
Storage 1 x eMMC slot
1 x Micro SD slot (DS/HS mode up to UHS-I SDR104)
1 x NVME M.2 SSD (PCIe 3.0 x 2)
1 x SATA3.0
Networking 1 x GbE LAN ports (RJ45, supports 10/100/1000 Mbps)
– Realtek RTL8211F (Ethernet transceiver)
– LED indicators
* Green LED: Flashing by data traffics at 100Mbps connection
* Amber LED: Flashing by data traffics at 1000Mbps connection
Video 1 x HDMI 2.0 (up to 4K@60Hz with HDR, EDID)
1 x MIPI-DSI (works with 800 x 1280 LCD)
Audio 1 x 3.5mm phone jack
1 x mono speaker output
1 x HDMI sound
External I/O 2 x USB 2.0 host port
2 x USB 3.0 host port (or 1 x USB 3.0 host + 1 x USB 2.0 OTG port)
1 x Debug serial console (UART, 1.5Mbps N81)
1 x SATA Connector
1 x MIPI-CSI Camera Interface (15 pin)
1 x MIPI-DSI LCD Interface (31 pin)
1 x DSI
Other features IR receiver for remote controller
RTC and backup battery holder (to keep time and date for several months without main power input)
System LED Indicators:
– Red (POWER) – Solid light when DC power is connected
– Blue (ALIVE) – Flashing “heartbeat” while Kernel is running. Solid On when in the u-boot stage.
Power 1 x DC jack : outer (negative) diameter 5.5mm, inner (positive) diameter 2.1mm
DC input : 12V ~ 15.5V
– DC 12V/2A power adapter is recommended
– IDLE : ≃ 1.25W
– CPU Stress : ≃ 4.44W (Performance governor)
– Power Off : ≃ 0W


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Jeff Williams
A good, peppy, and reliable system

I have purchased two Odroid M1 8gb systems for use as a web server and a backup server. Both were easy to set up, but I found that neither liked Debian 11. Debian 10, installed from petitboot, works very well.

The systems are responsive and seem quite reliable. The web server has a 1tb nVME memory and the aluminum case. The backup server has a 250 mb nVME, plus a 2.5 inch 2tb SATA hard drive in a 3d printed case. Both use the "official" power supply.

I believe the nVME memory, rather than an SSD card, contributes to the performance of the systems.

This system makes a great alternative to the unavailable Raspberry Pi 4, especially because it is easier to use both an SATA drive or nVME.

It loses one star, not because of the hardware, but because of the problems getting Debian 11 to work on either system.

Yes, I will probably purchase more of these as my needs grow.