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News from Radxa as of Jun 23, 2022:

Dear Radxa community and developers

After 4 months development and 4 major revisions of the hardware, I am happy to announce another milestone for ROCK 5B, we can finally ship the developer edition ROCK 5B. (Editor: These will be shipped to registered ROCK5 software developers for testing purposes. We expect a minimum of one month for developers to receive these units and provide feedback, and another month for necessary revisions to the board and further testing. September-October seems to be the best-case scenario for these to start shipping to general customers, but we have no official estimate from Radxa at this time.)

The ROCK 5B now is hardware version v1.3 with some notable changes since the announcement:

  • HDMI IN connector is now moved to the front panel, making it easier for enclosure design
  • MIPI DSI and CSI moved to the side edge of the PCB
  • Heatsink mounting holes changed to north bridge commonly used dimension
The other features remain the same since the announcement
  • One USB C port for power, 4K display and USB (we spent a lot of time troubleshooting this with different monitors, portable displays and power adapters; it works most USB C sources we have but we need more cases reported from the developers)
  • HDMI 8K + HDMI 4K, those who have 8K TV can give this a try; the resolution is amazing. Note that only one port can be 8K; the other port will be 4K.
  • 2.5G Ethernet with RX/TX at ~2.32Gbps
  • M.2 M key PCIe 3.0 x4 with read speed > 2700MB/s, super fast, if you need 4K encoding, you definitely need fast IO
  • M.2 E key with WiFi 6/BT5.2 supports, the WiFi card we recommend is RTL8852BE, which has a balance of performance and cost

Original Information:

The ROCK5 Model B is the latest Radxa SBC with a Pico ITX form factor (2.5 inch, 100 x 72mm). Powered by the all-new powerhouse RK3588 SoC, the ROCK5 Model B offers awesome power-efficient performance in 4GB, 8GB or 16GB RAM configurations.

See below for information about the Radxa ROCK5 (R3) Redeem Code!


  • RK3588, ARM powered, Quad A76 + Quad A55, Mali G610MP4, 6T NPU, 8K 10 bit encoder, 8K decoder. 
  • 4GB/8GB/16GB LPDDR4x RAM Options.
  • Supports WiFi 6E and BTE 5.2
  • Supports PCle 3.0 x4 NVMe SSD
  • Triple Display Support (with HDR), two HDMI 2.1 up to 8K@60FPS, one USB-C with DP up to 8K@30FPS
  • HDMI in support up to 4K@60FPS
  • 2.5G Ethernet with PoE Support.
  • Linux Kernel 5.10
  • Debian Buster
  • 40P GPIO
  • 2x USB 3.1

Radxa ROCK5 Redeem (R3) Code Information

What is it?

  • The R3 code is a small deposit ($5) for future delivery with a BIG discount ($50)!

How do I submit my $5 deposit?

  • In the drop-down RAM variant box on this page, select the "$50 Radxa ROCK5 Redeem Code" option

When can I redeem the code?

  • The ROCK5 is expected to be available for shipping during Q3 2022 if everything goes according to the current plan. However, you should receive your coupon code within 48 hours of ordering, and it will be immediately active for a $50 discount on the purchase of any ROCK5

Can I change my mind after buying the code?

  • Yes! The R3 code can be refunded at any time before July 1, 2022

How many R3 codes can I buy?

  • There is no limit

How many ROCK5 units can I buy with my R3 code?

  • One R3 code is good for the purchase of one ROCK5


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