USB Ultrasonic Sensor Controller

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The USB Ultrasonic Sensor Controller is designed to connect up to 6 ultrasonic sensors and communicates with the host system via a USB TTL cable (USB to serial cable).

Above image: Backup sensor solution for a pickup truck

Toolless controller case, ultrasonic sensors, ultrasonic sensor cases, and USB to serial cable available separately.


  • Supports from 1 to 6 ultrasonic sensors simultaneously
  • Multiple USB ultrasonic controllers can be added to a single system via additional USB ports or hubs to create a large ultrasonic sensor array
  • Low-cost way to add distance-sensing to your DIY projects
  • Full set of commands built-in to make ultrasonic projects easy!
  • Communicates at 9600 baud (9600/8/none/1)


Warranty is valid for 8 weeks, starting upon date of receipt.

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