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DIY Project: Selfhosting with ODROID-XU4 CloudShell2

DIY Project: Selfhosting with ODROID-XU4 CloudShell2

From electro-pizza's blog:

For several years I have wanted to setup a Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution. My thinking at the time was to have a place for local backups, and ease of filesharing amongst devices. There are many solutions available for someone looking to setup a NAS. So much so that I found myself paralyzed by choice. Do you build your own, and if so should it be some Xeon monster or something more modest? Maybe an off the shelf solution is the way to go? Once that’s sorted then what do you run? Open Media Vault, FreeNAS, Yunohost, etc, etc?

A confluence of things helped me to finally make a decision:

  • I had been using Single Board Computers (SBC) for small projects and utilities, and have watched these small affordable devices grow in capability with excitement.
  • HardKernel was offering a case for its relatively powerful ODROID-XU4 SBC that accepted two 3.5” drives along with a hardware RAID controller.
  • A realization that folks were using Docker, and production server strategies used on the web for years, to build up their home server software solutions.
  • Growing frustration, disenchantment, and general mistrust of mainstream cloud service providers motivated me to dive in and try something.

Component List

ODROID-XU4 ameriDroid $51.95
eMMC 32GB ameriDroid $28.95
CloudShell2 Kit ameriDroid $69.95
Power Cord ameriDroid $2.95
Seagate IronWolf 4TB Drive x 2 $200.00
Total: $351.80

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