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How-To: Play Games and Watch Movies on the Same ODROID

How-To: Play Games and Watch Movies on the Same ODROID

A recent Reddit post asked the following question:

I just discovered and received my first odroid, an N2+. I'm using CoreElec with an eMMC to watch my movies from my Jellyfin server. It works perfectly.

But now, I would like to add emulation to my odroid to make it a small and portable emulation console.

What is the best way to run CoreElec and emulation at the same time? If possible, I would like emulation to work within Kodi, with core and game choosing inside Kodi for everything (movies, tv series, games...) to be on the same level on the Kodi main menu.

I searched about doing this but didn't find any clear guide. Could someone help me for this or share to me useful links ?

Thanks in advance and have a good day.

It turns out that emuELEC is a variant of CoreELEC that is designed to run retrogaming emulation using EmulationStation, and has a Kodi plugin.

Not only does emuELEC work on the N2 / N2+, but also the C2, C4, and Go-Advance!

Read more about it at this ODROID Forum blog post or watch a video below about emuELEC on the ODROID-C4 by our friend, ETA Prime:

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