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Turn Your Home into a Music Light Show

Turn Your Home into a Music Light Show

Here is a great example for the Shelly contest, open until November 3, 2021.

This guide shows how to develop your own application using Shelly 1 via the REST interface.

The C# programming language allows you to map the sounds from MIDI files to the different Shelly 1 unis that control the individual room lights.

In the following video you can see Sebastian Leopold making his Shelly lights follow the sound of Beethoven's Für Elise.

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Amy Saunders - September 16, 2022

Oh, okay! I think I’m, gonna have to show this useful article to my cousin first before he carries out any installation work some time soon. He told me the other day about his plan to set up an amazing light display at his backyard as part of his upcoming birthday party. It was quite amazing to know that there are certain interfaces we could use to convert soundwaves into lighting features.

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