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New Product: ODROID-H2+ is Back and Better Than Ever

New Product: ODROID-H2+ is Back and Better Than Ever

The popular and powerful ODROID-H2 has been upgraded for the second time, and is now called the ODROID-H2+!

The first revision after the original model was called Rev B, and the new version is now Rev B+.

Here are the amazing new features:

  1. Upgraded CPU from the Intel J4105 to J4115
  2. Upgraded NIC chipset to RTL8125B, capable of 2.5 Gbps Ethernet
  3. Increased GPIO pins from 20 to 24 to add USB2.0 and HDMI CEC signals
  4. Changed 12V SATA power circuit to improve the suspend-resume power control sequence of 3.5" HDDs
  5. 100% hardware and software compatible with Rev B, including physical dimensions

Additional notes:

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dj_pask - March 28, 2022

I also have an Odroid H2 and I’m fully satisfied of it. Great product.

I wanted to know if any upgrade was available, and I was surprised to read that hardkernel discontinued this product because of world chip shortage.

Hope it will be back.

Hankó Lajos - August 6, 2020

Got a Rev B as nas and microserver, and a H2+ as router, these are the best sbcs I have ever had.

Stephen Coulson - June 23, 2020

I own an Odroid H2 Rev B. It hosts a Upnp AV Music Server, “Universal Media Server”. I was surprised to find that the H2 handles transcoding very, very, well. The system has a 2TB NVME m.2 PLUS dual Samsung 860 EV0 SSD drives. It works great. I highly recommend the Odroid H2. I’m glad to see that HardKernel continues to evolve this board.

The only caveat I would emphasize is that the DDR slots are fragile. It’s better to purchase known compatible DDR4 memory.

I also purchased the KKSB case. It rocks. Plenty of room for the aforementioned dual-SSD drives. Overall, it makes for a great system!

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