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News: PINE64 New Year Update

News: PINE64 New Year Update



  • FOSDEM 2020 - Pine64 will be attending the expo on Saturday Feb 1, and will have a booth on Sunday, Feb 2. Bring your PinePhone with you if you are attending as something special may be available for you.
  • Pinebook Pro - ISO units already shipping, ANSI units shipping 1st half of January.
  • Pinebook Pro - New updates to default OS: Full acceleration in Chromium, stability improvements to Firefox, added support for many USB-C docks.
  • PinePhone - Video showing recent state of 4 OS images [view video below], Brave Heart Edition shipping in January, basic screen protector preinstalled on Brave Heart models, will include high-quality USB-C charging cable.
  • PineTime - Dev units have been shipped and many delivered, video showing basic time functionality and button presses [view video below].
  • PineTab - New information available in the next update.

The full post can be read here.

PineTime Development Video:
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