Review: Customer Comments on ROCKPro64 SBC and TwisterOS Armbian

Review: Customer Comments on ROCKPro64 SBC and TwisterOS Armbian

Outstanding and powerful ARM64 SBC board, works better with TwisterOS Armbian

I got one 3 days ago and was so pleased with its performance and features, I ordered a 2nd one from Ameridroid and got it shipped same day I ordered.

This board has been released in 2018 but was lacking a friendly and full featured OS that works out-of-the-box with mainline kernels and HW acceleration on Desktop, specially for beginners and Intermediate Linux users. Not anymore, once I installed TwisterOS Armbian on it, runs blazing fast from eMMC and even from microSD, supports safe Overclocking, has HW acceleration on Desktop OS, has Panfrost/OpenGL 3.1 Mesa, has many included apps compiled for it such as Kodi, MPV, Retro emulation apps, and several OpenGL games too and even a Chromium Browser in a Docker Container that can play popular streaming services as Netflix, Disney+, amazon prime, and spotify.

RockPro64 offers some unique features not present in any other RK3399 board such as Power on, reset and recover button, a PCIe X4 slot that accepts NVMe drives [with NVMe adapter] and 4 SATA HDD/SSD drives when use with the right add-on card for RockPro64. RockPro64 board doesn't come with a BT/WIFI built-in chip but you can use a low price USB BT or buy the official module [that doesn't take up a USB port] from Ameridroid. I have used both solutions. RockPro64 also has a PWM fan header, RTC and SPDIF connectors.

Best of all at least for me, it has SPI memory allowing to program bootloader and can boot from USB3 SSD. Make sure to buy a heatsink.

Give it a try to TwisterOS Armbian:

Incidentally, TwisterOS is also available for Raspberry Pi 4 and Intel-powered computers (ODROID-H2+ / desktops / laptops / etc.). We haven't tried it yet, but we are definitely looking forward to trying it out.

If you've tried TwisterOS, let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

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J tremblant - March 23, 2021

New TwisterOS Armbian 2.0.0 version has been released with improved performance and some extra features such a new Vivaldi browser with full GPU HW acceleration among others and works great on RockPro64 from eMMC.

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