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Turning an SBC into a Miniature Power Mac G3

Turning an SBC into a Miniature Power Mac G3

Using the power of soldering, 3D printing, and careful OS tweaking, a fellow on YouTube by the name of Action Retro has managed to successfully convert his Raspberry Pi 3 Model B into a downsized Apple Power Mac G3.

Aesthetically, the blue and white-colored case that the Pi resides in is a plastic housing modeled after the PowerPC 750-based Power Macintosh G3 Blue & White, which was originally released by Apple in 1999 as the professional version of the iconic iMac G3.

Just as the real thing once ran Classic Mac OS, Action Retro set up his Pi to immediately boot into an emulated instance of Mac OS 9.2.2, complete with a startup chime, plus internally- mounted fans, thereby creating an accurate representation of the original machine as it was.

He provides a ready-made 32 GB microSD card image for use with your own Raspberry Pi that preserves all of his software modifications in the event you'd like to replicate his environment for yourself, and is available at

This project could be replicated using multiple SBC's, customazing the OS or using an emulator to run on box86/box64.












BananaPi M5





Khadas VIM3






Raspberry Pi 4











Action Retro Video

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