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ODROID: Single-Board Computers Since 2009

ODROID: Single-Board Computers Since 2009

ODROID (Open + DROID) is a product line that was developed by Hardkernel's founder, Justin Lee, in 2009.

Initially, the first 5 ODROID products were handheld gaming devices and tablets from 2009 until 2011, when the ODROID-PC was released (an Internet TV and Smart TV set-top box) the winter of 2011.

Two more tablet/phone-sized products were released after that in 2012, and then product development pivoted to primarily single-board computers later in 2012.

Bo, ameriDroid's founder, got involved with ODROID in 2012 when the ODROID-U2 was released, after outgrowing the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi first-generation board, also released in 2012. Bo had been on the Raspberry Pi waiting list for the first production run, and after receiving it, worked on it diligently. But some limits could not be overcome. When the ODROID-U2 arrived, Bo was blown away by the performance. The U2's SoC which was released in 2012 can still favorably compete in many ways with the performance of the Raspberry Pi 4 today.

In late 2013, Hardkernel organized the team to start ODROID Magazine. Bo was the assistant editor for the first year.

The present model line includes the ODROID-C0, C1+, C2, XU4, XU4Q, Go, HC1, HC2, MC1, N2 and H2.

Here at ameriDroid, we love ODROID SBCs and related products. They always impress with performance, build quality, price and features! Plus, they have one of the most active communities of any SBC manufacturer.

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