Hominoid XU4 Split Air Flow Case Kit (3D Printed)



  • 3D-printed case in 0.3mm or better resolution out of ABS or PETG plastic
  • Can accommodate many tall heat sinks with a base of approximately 40x40mm, such as the heatsink for the ODROID-XU4Q
  • Recommended to use Noctua 40mm fan for active cooling - other 40mm 5v fans should also work
  • Can be placed horizontally or vertically
  • All assembly hardware included
  • Easy access for changing eMMC and microSD modules without opening case


  • Printed to order: Printed on a first-purchased, first-shipped basis. Due to the length of time required to 3D print items, it is likely this item will be delayed by one or more days while printing occurs.
  • 3D-printed items may have small imperfections and cosmetic flaws. These imperfections will not interfere with the performance or fit of the parts. 
  • Assembly required - Phillips (+) screwdriver recommended. 
  • In order to make use of the fan control algorithm provided in many OS images for the XU4 when using the Noctua or other 40mm 5v fan, the fan connector needs to be cut off and replaced by a connector compatible with the XU4's on-board fan controller. This can easily be salvaged from the fan included on the XU4.


  • (1) 3D Printed Case
  • (8) M3x16 Screws (H3004)
  • (4) 24mm Hex Standoff (H3310)
  • (1) Hex Key (H3501)
  • (1) Instructions


Warranty is valid for one year, starting upon date of receipt.

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