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Project: Automate Your Home with a Single Board Computer!

Project: Automate Your Home with a Single Board Computer!

We received a review on the ODROID-HC1 from a satisfied customer who stated he is using it to run Home Assistant, and he was very pleased by the performance.

Works with Home Assistant for Home Automation

I have been running an HC1 with a 500GB SATA SSD for several months using the Home Assistant HassOS Beta and it has been rock solid. Much more reliable than a Raspberry Pi 3+ and significantly better performance. Make sure to get at least a 5A power supply as I had issues with the 4A.

For those who want to get into home automation and appreciate flexible software that doesn't spy on you, Home Assistant may be just what you are looking for.

Here are some of our favorite single board computers that are supported by (Home Assistant):

Here is a great intro to home automation in general, and why you might want to use Home Assistant, plus many great details about how to use Home Assistant:


Here's a great intro and install tutorial from BRUH Automation:

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