How-To: Build a Weather Station With Your SBC for $20

How-To: Build a Weather Station With Your SBC for $20

For this project, we'll suggest the ODROID-N2. However, this project can be modified to work with any single board computer that supports I2C. Links to instructions for a few SBCs from the ODROID line are found below.

Parts list:


Click here for instructions for the ODROID-N2

Additional Boards:

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Jim Belfiore - November 27, 2020

I just wanted to say thanks for posting the example, and the comment that this should work with any SBC.

I recently picked a number of 1GB Rock64 boards that were being liquidated through another vendor for between $8-$15. I hadn’t done anything with GPIO projects before, and have been building simple home security / monitoring devices with cheap USB cameras and Armbian. The Weather Board 2 looked like a perfect add to monitor environmental conditions. It took me a little bit of learning to adapt your example, but once I figured out that needed to use pins 27 and 28 for I2C1 (SDA,SCL, respectively), everything worked perfectly. I’m definitely picking up more of these Weather Boards!

Best regards,


Jerry - October 21, 2019

I have modified the qt_weather station code to work with a directly attached Weather Board 2 (on an Odroid-N2) if someone is interested.

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